In the Ordinary, lies the Extraordinaries


Parenting is the biggest sacrifice one can make

It’s putting your life on hold to fulfill the promise of your children’s tomorrows.

-Frederica Ehimen

What’s bigger than your own self?

“Your dreams.”

“What’s bigger than your dreams?”

“It’s living for someone else, dreaming for somebody else, and making that somebody else larger than your whole being.”

“Oh! I know that. That’s called being a Mom”.

Ruhi Punhani, a young mother of an eight month old handsome boy, shared her story of motherhood with Happy Hums last week. She stays in a busy Delhi suburb with her in-laws and husband. She reminisced her days of pregnancy when her family took special care of her, pampered her and her husband, Sumit, created a healthy diet chart for her to follow. They were regular on all the prenatal check-ups and she feels blessed with the support and love of her family. “Without Samaksh’s grand- mother, it would not have been possible. She has played a big role in bringing him up and supporting me in taking care of this little boy”. Sumit is also a responsible father, who helps out with changing nappies, and everything else. He ensures that despite his day at work, his wife gets some alone time to unwind and recharge. Her husband, always her friend, always her confidant is now so much more. Every moment is a huge relief of her, for there are pillars of support that she never would have recognized before.

“The parenthood takes a toll in marriage. We ensure that we go on regular date nights, getaways to keep our marriage alive and fresh. This is our message for all parents out there-no matter how busy or exhausted you get with your baby, plan some time alone with your partner.” She said it as matter of fact that I believe is true for most or all of us. Our daily lives are so entwined with our babies that we forget to celebrate our marriage in between.

“What is one thing that did not go too well for you?”

“Many a times, I got fed up with elders’ advices that had no logical reasoning. Like do not step out of house for forty days after delivery Or shaving of Samaksh’s head, mundan¸ in Haridwar. Sometimes it got so frustrating that I had to vent it on my husband.” I agreed with her stance, we as first time moms are overwhelmed with the little baby and to add do’s and don’ts of elders that have no medical or scientific justification does not make it any easier.

“Who has been your inspiration on how you are as a mother?”

“My mother, she really got spent in bringing up her kids; but unlike her I would want to take care of myself along the way. Off late, I have started feeling restricted, I do not get time to do things for myself and I had to keep my teaching career on hold. But now I feel I am ready to get back to teaching and pick up things from where they were left off.”

“Also, as parents we would like to stress that everyone should enjoy their marriage before planning a baby. And after a baby, initial few months are really challenging but it does get better with time.”

And as they said it, with smiles profuse and Samaksh rolling in their laps, it all became evident that parenting is like nothing else compared in this world. It is almost and beyond heroic to bring yourself up for the simple chores of daily mundane despite the fatigue or sickness and to live and breathe for the little life who is the center of your new universe of being.

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